Working with you 1:1 or in small groups, I can teach you exactly how PR works and give you the tools, techniques and support to empower to become your own best cheerleader. I will offer support, accountability and coaching whilst you hone your PR skills.

Cheerleader PR 1:1 Coaching

Two-hour PR Strategy Session and Deep Dive

All ‘done for you’ packages start with a strategy session to kick off our work together.

This can also act as a standalone session to review your existing PR session/brainstorm new ideas or a PR challenge you’re facing.

Two-hour PR strategy session with Caroline Joynson, where you will come away with a workable plan for your PR for the next six months.

Whether you’re new to PR or have tried it before, we’ll review your current position and where you want to get to, and how PR can help you to get there. We’ll start with your audiences and objectives, delve into the stories you have to tell, and match those stories to key media and influencers.

This will then be developed into a PR Plan for the next six months for you to keep, along with the recording of the session.

Session includes:

  • Pre-questionnaire so we can spend the whole hour focused on the action steps you need to take to get noticed
  • A 2-hour brainstorming and planning session with me focused on you and your business and how PR can help you get to gain visibility and credibility for the next six months.

The session will take place via Zoom videoconferencing and will be recorded so you can re-watch it whenever you like.

Suitable for you if:

  • You’re an entrepreneur or business owner who wants a fresh pair of eyes on your PR activity to date and clear strategy to implement
  • You’re new to PR and want to invest in expert support to get your PR off to a flying start
  • You’re an SME without a marketing/PR person who needs expert advice

You want to brainstorm a specific area of PR or challenge with an expert


 Discount available for booking both workshops at the same time.

1:1 coaching and direction whilst you do your own PR

My three month PR coaching programme which will take you from PR newbie to planning and delivering your own PR activity.

We’ll deep dive into your business to develop your PR strategy and you’ll have access to three one-hour monthly calls to support you in delivering your PR strategy, along with templates, tips and guidance to approach the journalists and influencers who can help you build your credibility, visibility and impact to a much broader audience than with social media alone.

What’s included:

Strategy Session

1-hour PR strategy session with Cheerleader PR founder, Caroline Joynson, where you will come away with a workable plan for your PR. Beat overwhelm and get clear on who you are trying to talk to, what you want to tell them and how best to structure that work for the year ahead.

Monthly calls over three months

I’ll support you in implementing your PR strategy over three months and will supply templates, tips and guidance to approach the media.

Suitable for you if:

  • You’re developing a side hustle into a full-time gig
  • You’re a solopreneur who’s are new to PR and want to take control of your profile, reputation and relationships
  • You want to outsource your PR when your business grows, but want a good grasp of it now so that you know what good PR is for the future
  • You’re keen to build your own long-lasting relationships with key media
  • You prefer to work 1:1
  • You’re currently bootstrapping as you’re turning over less than £100k a year

£995 or three payments of £332

Featured in:

“Just one article gained our non-profit a $2,500 donation, a pledge of $10,000 from a politician and a new client”

“The results speak for themselves – thanks to Caroline’s advice I pitched an article idea to a journalist and landed a lengthy article in a major newspaper which gained our non-profit a $2,500 donation, a pledge of $10,000 from a politician and a new client!

“It was great to have an expert to brainstorm with and start to create an actionable plan. It became a less overwhelming task to create a target and define the steps needed to reach that target. Having the call was helpful to narrow my focus and identify actionable steps. It was great to be able to share experiences and adjust my approach. The best part of the call was sharing the ‘a-ha’ moment when the plan came together.

“I am thrilled with the initial results from our one-hour call. It gave me the confidence to continue working on a larger scope. I saw the results immediately and I am looking forward to working together long term.”

Margaret Chaidez

Dream Build Play Experience

“The SEO backlinks from respected websites are also invaluable to us as a new business.”

“Before we worked with Caroline we didn’t know where to begin with PR. We knew the types of publications that we wanted to get into, but we didn’t know how to do it. We thought that it would cost us thousands and as a small start-up business we really didn’t have a huge budget. We were also nervous about approaching journalists. Having never done it before, it seemed daunting.

“Once Caroline talked through her packages and how they work, we realised that we could afford to do it, and learn how to promote our business. Caroline showed us we had a good story to tell and gave us the confidence to shout about our achievements from the rooftops. She taught us the basics of how to write a press release and how to pitch an idea to journalists.

“As a Yorkshire-based business, local media is key and so far we’ve had three pieces of coverage in the Yorkshire Post including a full-page feature; we’ve also featured in Bdaily, The Business Desk and Business Up North. We’ve already had fourteen new locations register off the back of reading about us and two client enquiries. The SEO backlinks from respected websites are also invaluable to us as a new business.

“We’ve loved working with Caroline, her down to earth attitude puts you at ease instantly. She will work with you to create a PR strategy and give realistic goals as to how you can achieve it.”

Louise Bates and Clare Armitage

Lifestyle Locations

Featured in:

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