9 Reasons You NEED a Media Bio

Media biographies. They're flavour of the month right now (and something I get asked about a LOT!). But what are they? And how can they help your business? Well - they can help massively with putting yourself out there, to get more eyes on your brand. Especially if...

Keep Servicing Your Paying Clients

Whilst everything feels surreal and in a state of flux, it’s easy to fall into a reactive state (speaking from experience). You can find yourself checking the news and social media several times a day, jumping on calls left, right and centre, and ‘business as usual’...

How to Pick Your ‘Team of Experts’

One thing that I think is really crucial right now is building a team of experts around you to help you navigate the current situation - and this is where PR really comes in. You will be looking for people who you know, like and trust; who have built great...

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