How to Get Featured on Podcasts

Today we are going to talk all about podcasts, why they should be a part of your PR strategy and how to get featured on them!  Why Should Podcasts Be a Part of Your PR Strategy? Perhaps you have thought about starting your own or even getting featured on them? Both...

Top Tips to Get Into Stylist Magazine

Today we are going to talk about how to get into Stylist magazine! Stylist is a fantastic free magazine that is paid for by advertising revenue and is normally given out in shopping centres and city centres. Of course with the pandemic they have had to adapt their...

9 Reasons You NEED a Media Bio

Media biographies. They're flavour of the month right now (and something I get asked about a LOT!). But what are they? And how can they help your business? Well - they can help massively with putting yourself out there, to get more eyes on your brand. Especially if...

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