Why you DON’T need to pay for PR

Last week I heard of a scheme called ‘pay to play’ during a call with a potential client. A coach had offered her, and many others, the opportunity to appear on TV in America on the coach’s own ‘show’. "Great," she thought, "that’ll look great to potential clients and...

PR: So what’s it all about?

I’ve worked in PR for about 18 years and my family still don’t quite get what I do. So, to clear up any confusion I thought this was a great opportunity to set out my stall when it comes to PR and explain, generally, how it works. PR is about getting someone whose...

Proactive vs Reactive PR

When it comes to getting featured in the media, you can be proactive, reactive, or a combination of both. Proactive PR is where you develop your story or pitch and then approach a journalist directly, explaining succinctly why your story is a good fit for their...

Welcome to Cheerleader PR!

A warm welcome to Cheerleader PR! I'm delighted you're here as it means you want to learn more about my passion (which is PR in case you couldn't tell!) and how it can help you to get your passion known! I've worked in PR for 18 years, seven in agencies, six managing...

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