Media biographies. They’re flavour of the month right now (and something I get asked about a LOT!).

But what are they? And how can they help your business?

Well – they can help massively with putting yourself out there, to get more eyes on your brand.

Especially if you have a personal brand. And you want to go out there & tell your story or share your expertise on other people’s platforms, to grow your audience.

In a nutshell, a media bio is a summary of you and your business – a one-page summary of you, your story, your expertise and your contact details.

It’s a ‘calling card’ that you can use to pitch for a variety of opportunities, including showcasing yourself as a potential guest or contributor for different types of media.

Here are 9 reasons you need a media bio:

  • It gives you the impetus and the structure to present yourself, your story and expertise, along with an image of you on one document (preferably on one page).
  • It acts as a CV and portfolio in one – you can have it designed professionally (or use Canva) and display it on your website.
  • It reminds you how brilliant you are! The highlights of what you’ve achieved will be on one document, great to look at on those days when you’re not feeling amazing.
  • It will inspire ideas for articles and topics you can talk about in your own content, and when pitching for opportunities on other people’s channels.
  • It’s an essential part of your pitch for speaking opportunities and podcast and video interviews.
  • When pitching for media opportunities it will provide the best content about you to use in your pitch – you will tailor the pitch for each media contact, but the ‘about me’ paragraph from your bio will be invaluable every time.
  • It helps you to turn around pitches confidently and quickly as everything you need is in one place.
  • It’s a master template for you to use as an inspiration for your pitching and your ideas – it will remind you to keep on pitching.
  • Having a well-designed media make adds to your credibility and makes you look professional.

We went deeper into media bio’s on one of my Facebook lives.

So if you need to work on yours, here’s where you can catch the replay now:


If you are wanting to get your media bio nailed, and your business PR ready, book your FREE 30 minute session here.

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