Over the past few weeks I have taken you through a step by step process of how to start doing your own PR in order to stop the overwhelm of knowing where to start and what to do. In week 1 of this series, we covered how to identify your ideal client, in week 2 we covered how to uncover your story and in week 3 we covered how to find journalists and start your own media list.

Today we are going to talk about how to use the #journorequest opportunity on Twitter in order to get media coverage. Just like I successfully did in order to get featured by Metro on “Rushing Woman Syndrome”! (click to read article)

#Journorequest is a powerful tool but it is just one of a much bigger network of opportunities that you can use to build relationships and your profile in the media. It is a really great way to get access to some great publications and get those very valuable links and mentions to your website.

How Does #Journorequest Work?

Essentially it is a reactive opportunity. It is not about you pitching to the media off your own bat, this is about journalists going on to Twitter when they need something for a story and sharing that opportunity with the hashtag #journorequest. These are public opportunities where you can connect with brilliant journalists in real time.

(TOP TIP – if you are not on Twitter and want media coverage then you are missing a trick! Get on there! You can sign up here)

For you to find these opportunities, you login to Twitter and type in the search bar #journorequest. You will then see all of the #journorequest opportunities where they detail who or what they are looking for and how to get in touch with them across a wide range of topics.

Obviously they are posted publicly and in real time, so it can be competitive. When you reply, you don’t know how many other people have seen it, how many have put themselves forward, who you are up against etc. But don’t be afraid of putting yourself forward! If you see an opportunity that is right for you, reply and don’t get hung up on not hearing back if they don’t respond. It doesn’t mean anything negative on you, it will just mean that you haven’t been picked this time. So just keep trying – there are literally hundreds of these requests that go out every single day and you need to find the right ones for you.

*Did you know?*

When you get featured in these publications and they include links to your website – this is HUGE! But how I hear you ask? Well, not only does it give you credibility but it also helps your Google ranking as you are getting links from high domain authority websites (which you literally cannot buy) – and Google notes this when deciding how high up your website should appear in its search engine. So it is a brilliant opportunity to get not only credibility for being a source but also credibility in Google’s eyes, boosting your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

How can you keep on top of #Journorequest?

As there are so many #journorequests going out every single day, you may be wondering how you can keep on top of them & how can you find the ones that are applicable to you?

If you can be really disciplined in checking in on Twitter a couple of times a day – do it. But if not, don’t worry – just check in as and when you can. Remember, #journorequest is only a part of your PR strategy, the other part is your proactive opportunities.

There is one way that you can get #journorequests filtered and delivered to your inbox and that is through journorequest.com. Every day at approx. 3pm they will email you a summary of all the #journorequests, grouped by topic area.

N.B because you are getting these at 3pm every day, some of the opportunities may have passed, if they were posted in the morning, but many are still active.

TOP TIP: even if you miss out on these opportunities, take note of the journalist and add them to your media list! They are active on Twitter and looking for sources so it is a great way to start building a relationship with them.

Another option is to create a Twitter list of the key journalists that are relevant to you and you can check that list regularly. This is probably a better option once you are familiar with your network and key contacts.

How do you pitch for a #Journorequest opportunity?

The journalists will tell you in their tweet how to get in touch with them (i.e. either by DM or they will provide their email address).

The more direct, succinct and to the point you can be, the better. Journalists are super busy and they are looking for the answer to their question as quickly as possible, so you want to make their job easier.

By being direct you are increasing your chances of getting featured.

Say in as few words/lines as possible how you can provide the answer to their question. Check out their Twitter bio to see what they cover and make sure you are covering what they need to you to cover – is it a business focused question or a general life question? Focus on the right elements & leave your ego at the door. The journalist is trying to fill the gaps in their story and in the nicest possible way, they don’t care if you have a business or not!

If you are the right person for the opportunity you will hear back usually within a few days and they will ask you further questions for the feature, either by email or by a phone call.


So there you have it! Keep an eye out for those #journorequest and start putting yourself forward.

Remember what I said about not getting disheartened if they don’t reply to you. Pitch for what is right for you and you will get more of a chance to be featured.

This is not your whole PR strategy but it is a great way to get free reactive PR in some wonderful publications as well as building your media list!

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Any questions on how to use #journorequests? Please share below in the comments!

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